TaskRabbit Team
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Meet the TaskRabbit Team: Jabu D.

Self-described as “double the dose in half the time,” Director of People Jabu D. is a chatty Berkeley lady with a knack for craft and an awesome dog named Biscuits Jackson.

Hobby: “Talkin’ too much.”
Favorite Book: The Coffee Trader by David Liss
Beverage of Choice: Champagne
Favorite Foods: Ethiopian, Mexican, Spanish
Secret Obsession: Design blogs. “I look through them all day for inspiration and motivation.”
Best Places Ever Visited: Katmandu, Cape Town, Udaipur, Venice
Favorite Quote: “Those who say it can’t be done shouldn’t interrupt the people doing it.”
Why She Loves TaskRabbit: “I have loved the TaskRabbit concept since I came across it in January of 2011. When I moved to SF in March of that year I immediately started using it. True to the origin story, some of my most important Tasks were around getting food for my dog. I was working so much at the time that basic things like that seemed impossible to coordinate. It made my life so much better. And of course I loved the way it empowered the TaskRabbits to make money while doing things they liked to do — match made in heaven!”


  1. Elaine Currier Solivan says

    Humans and their canine babies…a wonderful thing!

  2. Great photo! A pleasure meeting you today Jabu, And thank you for helping with my task today – getting Enza B’s resume to Erika! Have a blessed day. Warmly, Brenda S, TaskRabbit

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