TaskRabbit Team

May’s TaskRabbit of the Month is…

May’s TaskRabbit of the Month is Alanna G. Alanna is a Level 21 TaskRabbit in San Francisco. You may recognize her trademark “Hej!”- which is Swedish for Hello- on every Task bid. She has been with TaskRabbit for nearly a year and jokes that she has been doing Tasks her whole life. We bet – considering she is the mother of two grown daughters!

Alanna joined TaskRabbit for a very simple reason – to help people, particularly busy moms. (She certainly knows the craziness of being a mom. It takes one to know one!) Now, that her daughters are grown and out of the house, she has the extra time to help others. Alanna adds, “I’ve had my career, I’ve raised two children and now, I take what I’ve learned from those 18 years of caring for those girls. I can do so many things that TaskPosters need.”

We love Alanna’s fantastic can-do attitude! Her philosophy is, “You need tasks done, I can do it.” Really, she is a jack-of-all-trades (she even has a huge flat-bed truck- check out the pic).

Alanna has enjoyed her TaskRabbit experience. She adds, “There are a vast amount of opportunities out there with TaskRabbit. I choose the Tasks that I am comfortable doing. I suggest others go and find these opportunities too. You may feel surprised and delighted that they exist!”

Check out Alanna’s TaskRabbit profile and hire her to help with all your To-do’s.

Thanks for all your hard work and congratulations, Alanna!