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Maxton Men Know Style and Efficiency

Maxton Men Style Clothing

Who says men don’t care about fashion? Maxton Men is on a mission to make classic and enduring designs available to men who appreciate great style. The extremely well-curated collection favors built-to-last items over fast-fashion and, frankly, we’ve become more than a little addicted to browsing their site.

Like many online retailers, Maxton Men is experiencing an increase in business now that holiday shopping is in full swing. Never willing to sacrifice customer service and quality, they figured out a great solution to handling the busy season: TaskRabbits. It probably won’t surprise you, but we definitely approve.

We caught up with founder and CEO Kishan Madamala to learn more about the company’s mission — and how TaskRabbits are helping them achieve it. Here’s what he had to say:

What’s the mission of Maxton Men?
“Our goal is to be the new men’s general store — a place where guys can go to pick up the necessary detail items in their lives. We try to provide them with a curated set of style-driven choices.”

How do TaskRabbits help out the Maxton Men team?
“We have a warehouse in southern California, but sometimes the products we carry need to be labeled and packed in a certain way. TaskRabbits are pretty helpful in this regard. We also use Deliver Now a ton. Unlike a lot of tech companies, we deal with physical products, so there’s a constant need for transporting merchandise and materials to local carriers and other service providers that work with us.”

What made you decide to use TaskRabbit?
[pullthis]”The ability to have an on-demand workforce with well-qualified, vetted individuals is really appealing for a retail business like ours. Every day is different for us and it’s hard to predict workloads far in advance. TaskRabbit makes handling the work easier.”[/pullthis][pullshow]

In what ways do TaskRabbits help you handle seasonal demand?
“The holidays are the craziest time for a retail business. Our order volume increases rapidly, yet still doesn’t stick to a discernable pattern. TaskRabbits help us ensure that we are in-stock and ready to go for when the peak volumes hit.”

You guys have an amazing collection, what criteria do you follow when curating?
“We think about a few things. First, is this item something that’s unique and can’t be bought easily at the department store down the street? Our customers count on us as a place to discover cool, new products. Secondly, does this item match the aesthetic we’re going for? We want products that are made with natural fibers and materials and are built to last. Finally, can it fit with other items in our collection so when the customer steps back and looks at everything, he thinks, ‘I get it. This makes sense.'”

How do you envision the future of men’s lifestyle shopping?
“There is a school of thought out there that says men don’t care about shopping or their appearance and only want convenience. We reject that. All the numbers point to a growing consciousness for men, especially American men, about their style choices. In this regard, we think we’ll see men select and remain loyal to their trusted brands and advisors in the style world, just as they’re loyal to their barbers, their auto repair guys, and the like.”

In addition to supporting TaskRabbit, a leader in the collaborative economy, what other ways does Maxton Men walk the walk of social responsibility?
“We carry products that are built to last. Instead of throwing away two or three bags when they get holes in them after a year, maybe you buy a bag from us and keep it for a decade. We also, when it makes sense for our customer, source from socially responsible vendors. PACT, one of our sock vendors, for example, uses organic cotton and recycled yarns to make their uniquely awesome socks.”

Keep up with Maxton Men on Twitter @MaxtonMen.