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Loving Google Sync for the iPhone

I have been absolutely slammed lately with meetings, and in desperate need to find a solution keeping me organized on the go!  My IT guy turned me on to Google Sync for my iPhone.  I was looking for a solution that would allow me to access my calendar from anywhere and then also keep everything coordinated from my iPhone.  I have been super impressed with the technology … anything I punch into my iPhone syncs OVER THE AIR with Google Calendar and visa versa.  It really is a complete solution.  The only problem is it does wipe out all your contacts during the installation process, so just make sure you back up your data ahead of time.  I unfortunately did not, and lost a lot of data.  I actually did follow the directions online, so I’m not quite sure what went wrong.  Definitely a “gotcha” to look out for.  Take extra precautions if you can not live without your current contact information and calendar data.

Another fantastic tid bit Gmail just added, is the ability to access your mail while offline.  These two features together definitely give GMail the ability to compete with other more robust messaging solutions (ahem … Microsoft).