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It all started with a dog. Or did it?

kobeIt was a cold evening in February of 2008 … my husband, Kevin, and I were getting ready to go out to dinner in the South End.  We were headed to Masa which has fantastic margaritas and southwest flair.  We had already called a cab to come pick us up, when we realized we were out of dog food for our 100 lb yellow lab named Kobe. Having the cab stop on the way home would be a pain, and as we sat at the kitchen table, trying to come up with a plan for dog food, the idea for RunMyErrand.com was born.  Kevin thought, “wouldn’t it be nice if there was some place online where we could post our need?”.   We were certain that someone, probably even right in our own neighborhood could help.  In the 5 minutes before the cab came to pick them up, I picked up my iPhone and searched for the domain “RunMyErrand.com” …. it was AVAILABLE!  Serendipitous for sure!  I bought the domain before the cab honked at our door, and over dinner that night we started creating the initial concept for RunMyErrand.

I’ve told the above story a million times, but I recently reminded myself of the lesser known, lesser mentioned, prequel to the story:

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