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Introducing TaskRabbit for Etsy Sellers

We have a soft spot for entrepreneurs here at TaskRabbit, so we’re thrilled to announce a new and innovative method of supporting some of the most creative entrepreneurs we know. In a first-of-its-kind partnership, TaskRabbit and Etsy are celebrating what it means to be part of a people-powered economy, making it easy and fast for Etsy sellers to find flexible short-term help from TaskRabbits to help run and manage their creative businesses.

We worked with Etsy to identify the most pressing needs of their seller community. With that information, we designed TaskRabbit for Etsy, a portal that makes outsourcing these common Tasks a breeze for any Etsy entrepreneur. Getting help with everything from packing and shipping to photography and writing listings takes only a few minutes through TaskRabbit for Etsy. Etsy sellers simply visit the landing page, select the Task type they need, and customize according to their needs. By using TaskRabbit for Etsy, these creative entrepreneurs can focus on growing their business instead of finding temporary staffing help.

Read more about TaskRabbit for Etsy on the Etsy News Blog.


  1. Haven’t seen on Etsy or here if we are required to list our taskrabbits as part of our shop as per Etsy TOUs for any helpers beyond the seller… Any word on that?

  2. K. Tighe says

    @craftsinmedia, just keep an eye out for Tasks that contain the word “Etsy” in the title.

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