In Recognition of Teacher Appreciation Week, the Top 20 Tasks for Teachers

May 10, 2012

“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.” – Henry https://www.taskrabbit.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/img_628bcc969aae5.pngs

Do you remember your favorite teacher? Maybe it was that English teacher that first sparked your love of poetry, or the social studies teacher that introduced you to new parts of the world and new ways of thinking. How have the actions of that educator informed your life? If you’re anything like those of us at TaskRabbit HQ, your success can be traced directly back to some incredible educators. In honor of those who work tirelessly to open our minds and shape our dreams, we decided to go all out for Teacher Appreciation Week. We stopped by the Teach For America offices to drop off TaskRabbit gift cards to Bay Area teachers — it’s the least we can do really. We know TaskRabbits will be able to provide teachers with the thing they need most: more time! Give your favorite educator some extra time with the gift of TaskRabbit. To help inspire you to celebrate the teachers in your life, we asked the Teach For America folks to tell us how friendly neighborhood TaskRabbits can make their lives easier. Our TaskRabbits can’t wait to get started:

1. It would be amazing to have TaskRabbits sort classroom libraries alphabetically and by reading level. This will empower students to pick their “just right” book, which keeps them from being frustrated and accelerates their growth.

2. A crafty TaskRabbit could redesign all the hallway billboards in my school.

3. Bilingual TaskRabbits could translate communications home to families who don’t speak English as a first language.

4. TaskRabbits would be an enormous help in deep cleaning classrooms at the end of the school year.

5. They could deliver local, organic meals to the faculty lounge so teachers can have a break from cafeteria lunches.

6. It would be great if someone hired a TaskRabbit to bring me breakfast on the first day of summer.

7. TaskRabbits could set up a school garden bed and teach my students how to grow their own food.

8. They could help organize a field day for the students with games, contests, and prizes.

9. Artsy TaskRabbits can coordinate a mural project for the school.

10. Dramatically inclined TaskRabbits can dress up as characters and act out stories to help required reading assignments come alive.

11. They could help set up and decorate classrooms for the new school year.

12. We always need extra hands when setting up school dances and end-of-the-year parties.

13. They could shoulder some of the burden of researching and planning the logistics of school field trips.

14. They could help stuff parent newsletters into envelopes.

15. Musical TaskRabbits could put on a concert for teachers or play music as students walk into school on a special day.

16. I’d be thrilled if a TaskRabbit delivered me flowers, and might use it to deliver some flowers to our school administrators.

17. They could pick up school or art supplies and drop them off to my classroom.

18. They could help out with personal errands like grocery shopping and laundry so I can focus on grading papers.

19. TaskRabbits could organize a fundraiser to raise some more money for classroom supplies or fieldtrips.

20. It would be great for TaskRabbits to share their technology skills — things like blogging, social networking, and photo editing — with teachers so we can improve.

Special thanks to Melissa Cunningham, Noreen Zobel, Anne Wylde, Marcelo Guindon, Billy Lieberknecht, Megan Bird, Emilie Smith, Jen Thompson, Mallory Fiske, Jessica Barrett, Jackie Soohoo, and Robert Strain of Teach For America for sharing their ideas. We appreciate all you do and we’re so honored to be able to scratch some items off your To-Do Lists.