I Just Called – To Say – I’m Going Green

June 30, 2010

While it would be ideal to dedicate the next six months of your life (or more) to going down south t0 clean up the oil spill, many of us are not in a

Being green is easy, even for busy people.

position to be able to call out of work/life to do so. For those of you who have busy lives and do what you can to go green, I like to send out a weekly tip or two on some simple ways even the busiest individuals can go a little greener (because you can never be TOO green.)

1. Pick up the phone. Are you headed to the grocery store? Are you stopping by Target later? Do you need to run to the mall? Pick up the phone and ask if your friends/neighbors/family members need anything while you are there. Not only is it a convenient way to get more tasks accomplished, but by having one person go the store instead of five, you cut down on gas consumption and carbon emissions.

Better yet, plan your shopping trips a few days ahead of schedule so that you can let everyone know where you are headed and when. You can pick up your Mom’s milk, your neighbor’s loaf of bread and your buddy’s sugar while you are shopping. That’s three cars that don’t need to make the trip across town. And YOU’VE just gotten a little greener.

2. Buy products that support good causes/ideals. Did you know that Dawn Dish Detergent donates $1 to wildlife conservation? You need dish detergent and you like wildlife. Seems like a no-brainer.

All of the Mrs. Meyers Cleaning Products are cruelty-free and Earth-friendly. You need to clean anyway. Why not purchase something that’s better for the environment?

Are you moving and thinking about buying a new piece of furniture? Why not make the effort to purchase furniture that has the green seal of approval? Furnishings made from sustainable materials and non-harmful chemicals are easy to find and if you’re going to spend the money, put it toward chairs, sofas or tables made from bamboo, recycled wood or SmartWood. Check out this list of the top green furniture (Treehugger approved.)

There are easy ways to go green by making tiny changes. In an age where we are all busy, going green does not need to take any extra time or effort. Going green is easy. Staying green is hard. I’m here to make this simple.