Task Inspiration

Hide ’em, Cook ’em, and Paint ’em: We Love Egg Tasks

While we expected a surge in holiday-related Tasks this week, we were sorta surprised that there weren’t more of the “dress up like the Easter Bunny” variety. Instead, we were surprised to see so many creative egg-based Tasks pop up — here are a few of our favorites:

Hide ’em
TaskPoster Joy A. is putting on an Easter Egg hunt, so she posted a Task to find some extra hands for the event. TaskRabbit Tricia T. will help her assemble 200+ plastic eggs.

Cook ’em
TaskPoster Tom C. needs an entirely different kind of eggs-pertise (sorry, we couldn’t resist). He wants a chef to come to his home and whip up Easter brunch for 12 of his friends. TaskRabbit Paige B. is helping him out.

Blow ’em
In her very first Task, TaskPoster Julie S. decided to test the boundaries of quirky responses — she needed help blowing two eggs to help her daughter with a craft project. Creative TaskRabbit Kate S. swooped in to blow the eggs and save the day.