Help me Find Some Free Moving Boxes

August 18, 2011

Moving’s tough. You have to organize and pack up everything in your house — everything! — and then physically transfer it to some whole other place before setting it all back up again (just typing that makes me tired). That’s a huge amount of work. While TaskRabbits are out in droves helping people pack up their kitchens, lug dressers down stairs, and dispose of unwanted furniture, some TaskPosters are realizing that there are other ways to streamline the moving process and save time.

Who thinks of securing moving supplies, for instance? You know – the boxes you need to get in order to actually start the whole packing process? TaskPoster Gwen D., for one. She had TaskRabbit Michele P. hunt down free moving boxes for her so she could focus on the more pressing parts of her move. Smart and speedy! Michele was “Prompt and accommodating,” according to Gwen — let’s hope the rest of her move goes as smoothly!


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