Going Somewhere? Here’s How TaskRabbit Can Rock Your Vacation

April 30, 2012

TaskRabbits can put the relaxation back in your vacation.

The summer travel season is swiftly approaching, and if you’re anything like us, you can’t wait. Around the TaskRabbit office, we’re already dreaming of watching sunsets on the beach, sipping local wines, and exploring the cobblestone streets of strange cities. In fact, the only thing that can put a damper on visions of the perfect vacation is the stress of planning one. Flight details, hotel bookings, and itinerary hiccups — all the logistics of getting to and fro can really spoil your travel dreams.

Fortunately, the TaskPoster community has already thought this one through. Here are some of the ways people are using TaskRabbit to rock their vacations (and a few suggestions for other travel-related Tasks).

Find kid-friendly accommodations and activities
When super mom Melissa J. decided to take her family to visit Washington, DC, she turned to TaskRabbit Andrea H. for a hand. Andrea researched and planned 12 days of educational and fun activities for Melissa’s two toddlers, and the trip to the nation’s capital went off without a hitch. TaskPoster Toby P. had the same stroke of brilliance when he needed to figure out kid-friendly adventures to build into his family’s trip to Dubai and Italy. Task On: Grandma’s probably not on TaskRabbit quite yet, but imagine how delighted she’d be to attend a family reunion or holiday getaway. You can use a TaskRabbit to map out all the logistics of getting your relatives together for a memorable soiree — from air-travel and vacation houses to cheesy family reunion T-shirts.

Research your destination wedding plans
Planning a wedding is pretty stressful. Once you decide to make it a destination event, things get even more tricky. To dial down the stress, TaskPoster Vimal V. decided to hire a TaskRabbit to research possible beach-front venues. TaskRabbit Amy G. scouted the sands of Florida for 20 possible locations. All Vimal has to do is pick one. Task On: Another great way to cross off wedding To-Do List items is to hire a TaskRabbit to help plan your honeymoon. Whether you’re looking for Parisian romance, Caribbean beaches, or a relaxing week in wine country, a TaskRabbit can map out plane tickets, bridal suites, and dining options.

Chase down adventures
When TaskPoster Phillip A. decided to book a rafting trip, he wanted to save the adventure for the water, not the event planning. So he hired TaskRabbit Michael H. to gather quotes and details from 5 different tour companies and saved his energy for battling the rapids. It’s the same reason TaskPoster Nathan K. hired Maia S. to find unique adventures along his Australian road trip. He wanted to focus on having a great time with his buddies and gathering stories, not on things like parking regulations and route-mapping. Task On: Who says you have to have time off to take a vacation? Hire a TaskRabbit to help you plan a quick and easy weekend getaway.

Survive festivals and conferences
Ever tried to find a hotel in Indio during the Coachella music festival? It’s not easy. That’s why TaskPoster Jonah P. asked friendly TaskRabbit Melissa R. to dig up some lodging options for him. Hiring TaskRabbit Amy P., who has Park City expertise paid off for TaskPoster Dan F. when he needed to find a house with a hot tub within walking distance of the Sundance Film Festival. Task On: Using a TaskRabbit to help plan a company retreat will assure that everyone in your business gets a break (and no one is stuck figuring out hotel schedules and team building exercises).

Make someone else’s vacation rock
Speaking of awesome working cultures, we couldn’t resist sharing the story of how rad boss James R. used TaskRabbit to surprise an employee with a little vacation bonus. His employee was already on vacation in Greece, so James hired TaskRabbit Stacia R. to figure out how to book a special treat to thank him for a job well done. Task On: Give the gift of awesome to someone you love by hiring a TaskRabbit to plan their dream trip, like maybe a brother who just graduated from college or a sister who dreams of going on a yoga retreat in India.


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