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Four Bathrooms: We’ll Take Our Oscar Now

It’s the most revered ritual of tech culture — clusters of code act as totems, interdepartmental teams mingle in a ceremonial collaborative dance, and anthropology metaphors get really, really weird (like, Hunger Games weird). It is, of course, Hack Day. The TaskRabbit crew embarked in the honorary celebration last Friday and the results, well, they were pretty awesome.

Hack Chief Brian L. started the festivities by gathering us all into the TaskRabbit game room. Elevator speeches were given in turn. Pairs and trios and quads of TaskRabbiters secreted away to various corners, lounges, bouncy balls, and brainstorming rooms in our SOMA office. New products, features, and campaigns were built over the course of six short hours. Endless trays of sandwiches and pints of Lagunitas were consumed.

Demos took place first thing Monday morning in front of the entire team. Each project was judged according to three criteria:

Impact (positive impact for TaskPosters, TaskRabbits, or the company in general)
Hotness (level of awesomeness demonstrated)
Deployability (closeness to being ready to deploy)

The frontrunners included a flash email campaign for In-N-Out deliveries to San Francisco customers, a Google God map tracking individual Tasks across the continent, a swanky new chat feature, and a guerrilla recruiting video. Every single project showcased the awesomeness of the TaskRabbit team, so maybe that’s why the recruiting video ultimately won.

Creative Coordinator Ian de Borja, Head Recruiter Ryan Sapper, and Member Services Titan Brian Simpson spent two hours shooting around the office, folding unsuspecting co-workers (and dogs) into a Tarantino-meets-Truffaut-meets-Wizard of Oz medley. Improv runs riot throughout the video, which perfectly embodies the TaskRabbit culture. A steamy shower scene even elevates it to a PG-13 rating (although we’re assured there were swimming shorts involved in that shot). The team won a fancy steak dinner from Alexander’s for their opus, which is already winning rave reviews from our in-house critics: ” “C’est magnifique. C’est le meilleur film jamais réalisé. Il vous fera pleurer, rire et embrasser les lapins. Vous êtes fou si vous ne souhaitez pas venir ici après avoir vu ce super film. Les quatre cents carottes.”

Wanna work with us? We’re hiring.


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