TaskRabbit News

First Round Capital joins the TaskRabbit Team!

We are thrilled to welcome First Round Capital to the TaskRabbit Team.  They’re joining existing all-star investors FLOODGATE Fund (formerly Maples Investments) and Baseline Ventures, who have teamed up before with much success, and we are honored to be supported by this prestigious group of smart and savvy investors.

Invaluable help from Ann Miura-Ko of FLOODGATE and Steve Anderson from Baseline has been crucial to our growth in Boston and recent launch in San Francisco.   With the inclusion of the partners from First Round Capital we are set up to expand even farther, even faster.

Did you see us on The Today Show and Wall Street Journal?  Wow.  We’re still riding the wave of excitement and we’ve been besieged with the same question, “When is TaskRabbit coming to my town?”  From Chicago to Austin, and Orlando to Seattle, we’ve heard from every corner of the U.S., and we also heard from folks all over the world too:  from South Africa to China and Germany to Melbourne.   We hear you and remember, rabbits are really good at multiplying quickly, so stay tuned!

As TaskRabbit’s founder, I am touched knowing that TaskRabbit is resonating with so many people around the world.  I started TaskRabbit a couple years ago in Boston when on a dark and cold night I ran out of dog food and just knew there was someone who would be happy and willing to help me, if I could only just find them.  Now, with TaskRabbit in two cities and planning on expanding to other major cities soon, it seems that not only was my vision spot on, but there are people all over the world who are looking for similar help, and lots of people wanting to help them. Go rabbits, go!