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#FiestaFriday Gets Weird (and Wonderful)

We have a secret. A crunchy, pointy, popped, corny kind of secret. We’re totally addicted to tortilla popchips. Nacho cheese, ranch, salsa, chili limón — we’d roll around in ’em if they weren’t so sharp. And we’re not the only startup in SF hooked on the pop. TaskRabbits, in cahoots with the rad folks at Sponsorfied and popchips, delivered boxes of the tasty treats to dozens of companies this week. Today, each of these offices is trying to out-party the others to earn the distinction of “nacho above the rest” and a year’s supply of popchips. The competition is pretty fierce and things, well, things are getting a little crazy. See for yourself:

The winning startup will be announced on Monday, August 20. In the meantime, you can follow the wonderful weirdness on Twitter #FiestaFriday.




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