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Collaboratively Speaking with Project Trust’s Lauren Anderson

In this episode of Collaboratively Speaking, TaskRabbit Founder Leah Busque discusses trust and safety with Lauren Anderson, the Innovation Director of Collaborative Lab and Founder of Project Trust. During her work with Rachel Botsman and Collaborative Lab, Lauren was part of the initial push to connect founders of sharing-based companies around the world and provide a common vocabulary for the Collaborative Consumption space. As one of the early architects of the movement, she has a unique perspective on the challenges these companies face.

During her discussion with Leah, Lauren reflects on the roles the economic crisis, environmental issues, and the influx of social media tools played in the emergence of Collaborative Consumption.  She also points out that the sharing economy is unseating a long tradition of direct-from-brand buying, with the community growing well beyond its initial base of early adopters. New users experience one fundamental barrier to entry: whether or not the person or company on the other end of the transaction can be trusted.

Lauren discusses the importance of a new user’s very first experience with any Collaborative Consumption company — it will inform his opinion on all other companies within the movement. Prioritizing a seamless user experience, appealing to user’s social selves, and providing an environment of trust and security are all part and parcel to making that first experience a great one.

She also shares the mission and methods of Project Trust, which she describes as a “PayPal for trust.” Project Trust is dedicated to bringing together businesses in the Collaborative Consumption space to create a best-in-class set of tools to assure safety and security across the board.

Not only does this discussion between Leah and Lauren mark the second installment of Collaboratively Speaking, it helps move forward a dialogue about trust that’s central to building a more collaborative future. After you watch, we hope you’ll add your voice to this important conversation.


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