Collaborative Consumption

Collaborative Consumption: Pioneering a New Way to Consume

We have a revolution on our hands – a collaborative consumption revolution, that is. We all know that we can’t sustain the pace of consumption we (meaning, humanity) set in the 20th century.  Our consumption of goods was off-the-charts excessive and extravagant over the last 100 years. Well- gone are these days of uber-consumption- the days when consumers purchased one new piece of clothing every 5.5 days. Whatever the reason- the economic doldrums, the focus on de-cluttering our lives- consumers are becoming increasingly cost-conscious and prudent…and collaborating and sharing to consume smarter.

Fortunately, the Pioneers of Collaborative Consumption (so named by Rachel Botsman, the author of What’s Mine is Yours) are delivering unique product ideas and concepts that satiate this new appetite for sharing, bartering, exchanging, etc. These pioneers are reinventing not only what we consume but how we consume by focusing on the power of the community to barter, share, and swap products and services.  There are so many great examples of collaborative consumption at work. We, at TaskRabbit, are revolutionizing the way people get things done by connecting neighbors to share their time. thredUp is revolutionizing the way people consume clothing by offering a platform for the exchange of children’s clothes. AirBnB is innovating where people stay by letting folks rent out their personal space (apartment, home, etc), while Zimride is disrupting traditional transportation by offering a social network for ride sharing.

We, at TaskRabbit, are proud to be part of this revolution. Undoubtedly, collaborative consumption will disrupt our lives- entirely for our own good, resulting in reduced waste, clutter and a more simple life.  Our CEO, Leah was named a Collaborative Consumption Pioneer recently.