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Black History Month: What It Means To Us

Every February, we celebrate Black History Month. It’s a time when people of all backgrounds can stop to appreciate the significance of Black culture, both in the United States and around the world.   Black History Month’s first iteration began in February 1926 with Carter G. Woodson, a man now known as the “father of Black history.” Originally, he chose February as a time to celebrate because it coincided with the birth dates of social reformer Frederick Douglass and US President Abraham Lincoln, both of whom played a significant role in ending slavery. In the years since, Black History Month has evolved to become a time to teach people about the countless — and all-too-often forgotten — accomplishments of Black individuals since the African Diaspora.  During the slave trade era, African families were dispersed to different states, nations, and continents, leading to today’s global presence of Black individuals and their many accompanying societal contributions. This year’s Black History Month theme, “Black Health and Wellness,” builds upon this historical backdrop as it celebrates the legacy not just …

A Lookback At 2020: What We Accomplished, Together

  Despite this year’s challenges, we all still had tasks to tackle. From home repairs to prescription pickup to IKEA assembly, in 2020 Taskers provided over 2 million hours of services in thousands of cities and 7 countries!  Keep reading to find out what else got done in 2020. Popular & New Categories TaskRabbit’s on-demand services help cross off all types of to-do lists, and this year Delivery, Errands, Shopping surged in popularity.  Another popular category in 2020: Moving Help. Taskers helped people move safely, from Packing & Unpacking to Heavy Lifting to Furniture Assembly.  To make everyday life easier at home or for your business, TaskRabbit launched 12 new categories this year! 🎉 You can now hire a Tasker to help with: Babyproofing Car Washing  Furniture Removal Full-Service Help Moving Interior Design Pressure Washing  Project Coordination Rental Unit Management Room Measurement Smart Home Installation Snow Removal TaskRabbit for Good Initiatives The mission of TaskRabbit for Good was perhaps more critical than ever in 2020: to help neighbors in need find work and a place to …

TaskRabbit + IKEA Support #MSDStrong

Earlier this month, we partnered with IKEA in Sunrise, FL to help Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School’s student government create a space to store and organize the #MSDStrong gear they’re selling in support of the community after the recent tragedy that occurred there.

What does work mean to you?

This Labor Day we wanted to do something different. Rather than sharing task ideas for you to hire Taskers to help you complete this long weekend, we wanted to share with you the reasons why Taskers do what they do. We asked our Taskers the simple question: “what does work mean to you” and were moved by their heartwarming answers. Here are some of our favorites: “Work to me is an opportunity to express my skills, talents, creativity and inspiration. I subscribe to the motto, “it takes a village…” and it is utterly important to me to be a meaningful contributor. I often substitute the word “work” with “play!” “It means determination, self- sacrificing spirit, passion and good morals. To me, working for TaskRabbit is an expressions of all of those good qualities.” “Work is what allows my family to enjoy life. And I want to enjoy working. All the effort I put into working, and the character I build from it, enriches my home life. I work to live!” “Work is a way to …

#ATinyTask Recap: Building A Tiny Home in the Middle of NYC

Recently, TaskRabbit challenged a group of 10 Taskers to build a Tiny House in the middle of Manhattan in just 72 hours – all for a good cause. Building a fully outfitted tiny house in 3 days was a tall order – a build like this often takes months – but we set out to prove the power of collaboration, showing the kind of progress that can be made when people come together, bringing their best insights, skills and creativity to achieve something that seems impossible. It was quite a week. New York was wonderful (and quite lovely, despite a bit of rain), our Taskers were incredible, and TaskRabbit’s Tiny House came together in record time, due to the planning, dedication and hard work of all involved. A Symbol for Change The TaskRabbit Tiny House was auctioned off with 100% of the proceeds going to our partner, Community Solutions, a national nonprofit helping communities take on complex social challenges – issues like homelessness, unemployment and health inequity – through collaboration and creative problem solving. This Tiny House was envisioned as a …

#ATinyTask Photo Challenge: Win $1,000 Gift Card Pack

We painted. drilled. We built. Now it’s time for you to get creative with the final product. Introducing the “Tiny House” Photo Challenge – Win a $1,000 Gift Card Pack Get Creative with our Tiny House What is the coolest thing about #ATinyTask? Maybe it’s you – (take your best fun selfie with the house) Maybe it’s the sheer tininess of it compared with the rest of the city. Maybe it’s the fact that you could win it (show our for sale sign!) Maybe it’s the fact that it’s still big enough to do the running man on the front porch. (Running Man Challenge, anyone?) We’re looking for the MOST creative photos or videos with our Tiny House. Swing by our “Tiny Task” Open House on Thursday, 5/21, have some fun and we’ll pick our faves. Follow us on Instagram and tag @taskrabbit and #atinytask for the chance to win a $1,000 Gift Card Pack to Target, Home Depot & TaskRabbit. Grand Prize: $1,000 Gift Card Pack: $500 – Target $250 – Home Depot $250 – TaskRabbit 5 …

Tiny House Day 1: Behind the Scenes

An immensely satisfying Day 1 of the Tiny House build is in the books. Our Taskers only have 3 days to make this magic happen, and they took the challenge in stride, getting right to work bright and early on Monday morning in a deserted Chelsea Triangle. We have amazing Taskers working on #ATinyTask, and the level of teamwork is incredibly inspiring to see as the house takes shape: Our build site went from this: …to this: (in almost no time!) Day 1 in Photos: Tiny house in the big city. Can’t wait to see how it all comes together! #ATinyTask Bid to win the house:

Stories: A Move To Oakland

Last year, we helped Liz Stanley do some decluttering in preparation for the holidays.  So when we heard she was moving to Oakland, we were really excited that she chose to use TaskRabbit again to get organized.  Read all about the post-move unpacking and handyman projects on Say Yes.  Many thanks to Taskers Cher H., Lisa M. and Timm T. for their awesome work!

Task of the Week: Cross Country Care Package

When your loved one isn’t feeling well, you want to do everything you can to make them feel better.  But if they’re far away, it can be difficult to make your presence and support felt. Victoria’s brother had his wisdom teeth removed and he was in a world of hurt.  With his family nearly 3,000 miles away in New York, it was just him and his aching jaw in the Bay Area.  Of course, Victoria wanted to find a way to make her brother feel better.  Enter TaskRabbit!  Tasker Sara T. did the leg work in the Bay and picked up all the special items on Victoria’s list.  Sara delivered the customized care package of soft foods, treats, and balloons within 24hrs of booking. “It totally made his day,” Vanessa told us. Got some errands to run, whether near home or far, far away?  Taskers are ready to help you in 19 cities and counting!  Vanessa’s brother, “was so happy when he received his package!”  How can we help make you happy?