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America's Next Top Doggie Model Zeus

Fashion God Zeus and Haute Dog | SF

On Friday, February 8th we’ll be sponsoring the hottest event in the doggie fashion world. Okay, so it might be the only event in the doggie fashion world — but we’re still really excited! Haute Dog | SF will take over the San Francisco Design Center for an evening of puppy couture, with all proceeds benefitting one of our favorite causes — Canine Companions for Independence. Representing TaskRabbit’s canine contingent will be the mighty Zeus. He’s six pounds of fabulous with more steely looks than Zoolander, and we know he’s gonna do great. If you’re in San Francisco and you’d like to support Zeus and the fantastic pooches of Canine Companions, grab your tickets now. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit the Haute Dog | SF event site.

Adorable Puppy

Introducing Emerson “Em” Busque

We’re very excited to introduce you to Emerson “Em” Busque. This strapping young pup is the newest addition to Team TaskRabbit. It’s no easy Task being a puppy in this office — it’s a whole lot of responsibility to inspire, delight, and lick the faces of everyone who picks you up. And just ask Em — people will not stop picking him up. Can you blame us? Look at that mug: Give Em a shout on Twitter @EmBusque.

Some news about Kobe, our Chief Inspiration Officer

I have some news to share about Kobe, our CIO. Kobe passed away on July 6th, after a brief struggle with Acute Leukemia. While we are, of course, deeply saddened, we feel extremely blessed to have had Kobe in our family over the past 12 years. To honor and celebrate Kobe, we’ll be donating a portion of our proceeds this week (July 16-22) to Canine Companions for Independence. CCFI is a wonderful organization that provides highly trained assistance dogs for children and adults with disabilities, entirely free of charge. Since TaskRabbit is all about empowering people to do the things they love, the CCFI mission resonates strongly with us, particularly in light of Kobe’s passing. We are honored to celebrate Kobe by supporting CCFI so they can help more and more people in need. As many of you know, the idea for TaskRabbit occurred to me when I forgot to buy Kobe’s dog food on a cold Boston night in 2008. In honor of Kobe’s role in founding the company, all San Francisco dog food …

This Puppy Was Delivered By TaskRabbit … And You Thought We Were Fooling

Okay, so maybe we didn’t pivot our entire business model to pioneer the Puppies as a Service space. Kobe got a little ahead of himself (ie, he didn’t get board approval) and April Fool’s Day was in the air, so we may have stretched the truth a bit in the press release we issued on Friday. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t the tech world’s first on-demand puppy delivery service. Matt H., a New York TaskPoster and dynamite dad to two young kids, issued a plea via Task for someone in his community to find his family the perfect dog. Sadly, the family’s previous dog passed away about a year ago. Matt knew they were ready to love another pup, and TaskRabbit Jill S. helped him find the perfect adult dog to rescue — a Welsh Springer Spaniel named Pedro.

TaskRabbit Pivots Business Model to Become Tech World’s First On-Demand Puppy Delivery Service

San Francisco — March 30, 2012 —  Today TaskRabbit, the San Francisco based peer-to-peer marketplace and pioneering service network, announced its intention to pivot to providing services exclusively in the on-demand puppy delivery space, beginning April 1. The decision comes on the heels of months of exhaustive A/B testing, user focus groups, and customer surveys which conclusively revealed that 97% of TaskPosters value prime puppy cuddling time over increased life efficiency and productivity. “This new information underscores what I’ve been saying all along: a pail full of puppies is the fail-proof way to scale a growing startup,” says Kobe Busque, TaskRabbit’s Chief Inspiration Officer. “Until recently, assembling Ikea furniture was the most popular Task users posted to the service. However, the first quarter of 2012 saw a steep increase in puppy delivery Tasks, indicating a prime environment for leaning into the PaaS (puppies as a service) space.” TaskRabbit intends to tailor the puppy delivery experience to the unique tastes of its local markets while creating new revenue streams. In San Francisco, TaskRabbit has forged strategic partnerships …

Happy Animal Wednesday – with kisses, love Radar

Now that Kobe is off to San Francisco, our new intern, Radar, has taken charge of “Happy Animal Wednesdays” (and most other days if we’re being honest) at TaskRabbit. He’s been all over town trying to spread the word on how TaskRabbit can help Animals throughout the summer. Did you happen to spot him at Yappier Hour last week? If not, keep your eyes open because he’s been all over Boston handing out doggie gift bags with our interns! Radar really wants to make sure that his four legged friends around the city get to enjoy summer just as much as their parents. Just last week he organized the photography for his cousin’s first birthday party at Petco and today he’s been hard at work to find a walker for his buddy Dewey, the Golden Retriever. Thanks to Radar’s hard work, animal related tasks are pouring in at TaskRabbit. Please remember to keep Radar in mind this summer if it’s too hot out to make a run to Polka Dog Bakery or if you’re traveling …

Rabbit Road Trip to SF!

Yes the rumors are true, as Scott Kirsner reported this morning, Kevin and I have decided to move west for the launch of in San Francisco. It was a tough decision to head west, and I’ve appreciated all the support from family and friends as we make this journey. I realize there is some rivalry between the two coasts, especially when we are talking about a certain city, but our reason for moving is simple. TaskRabbit has a somewhat unique model, in that we are hyper-local, we scale city by city. It is only natural at this early stage, as the Founder, I would want to ensure that everything goes perfectly in the second market. So in order to absolutely nail our launch in San Francisco, I want to be out there, learning the landscape, the neighborhoods, and the idiosyncrasies. After this second city, we will have learned enough about scaling of the model to go quickly after that. Our Boston-based operations team will remain in place the Cambridge office to support our East …

Animals love TaskRabbit!

Recently, a dog-walking task inspired us to reach out to the pups of Boston. With summer approaching, we will soon be starting our “Dog Day Afternoon” events where we visit local dog parks equipped with special doggie bags.