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Home Neat Home: 7 Steps to an Organized Closet

If you’re like us, you’ve recently added “tidy up” to your growing 2019 to-do list, opened the closet door, and silently begged Marie Kondo and the organization gods to grant you the strength to get started. Deep breath. Help is coming. Use these seven steps to maximize your storage space while maintaining your sanity — and if it gets too overwhelming, find a Tasker to help! Empty the closet and group like items in piles. Once you’ve taken stock of all the pants, t-shirts, blouses, etc. you own, sort each group into four piles: keep, repair, toss, or donate. Tasker Cheryl D. tells her clients to get good at parting with things. “If it’s stained, faded, has broken zippers, or is missing buttons, get rid of it,” she advises. If you’re making repairs, make a list of what needs to be resewn. Place the Repair, Toss, and Donate piles in appropriate places so they stay top-of-mind until they’re taken care of. Cheryl suggests by the front door or in your car — “or they will …

Conversation Starters to Fill Every Awkward Holiday Party Silence

In an ideal world, there wouldn’t be any awkward silences at the dinner table this holiday season. Just in case that does happen, we prepared a few fun conversation starters that can get the whole table in a discussion about cartoon characters or bucket list items. Use this guide to make a conversation the party will never forget! Need an extra set of hands for your party? Hire a Tasker today to help cross off your holiday “to-do” list.