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Here’s How We’re Celebrating MLK Day — Will You Join Us?

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. inspired us to look beyond ourselves and consider the impact we can have on others. As a nation, we honor his life and legacy in many ways — perhaps the most important of which is Martin Luther King Day. [pullthis]Most holidays were designed to give us time off, but this one demands we take it as “time on” to give back to our communities through action.[/pullthis][pullshow] To celebrate Dr. King’s commitment to giving back, we’ll donate our service fee for all Donation Tasks posted between now and Tuesday to GLIDE. The San Francisco-based organization works tirelessly to bring about real change for people at the neighborhood level, and has served as a model for service organizations throughout the country. We’re very excited to show them our support. We hope you’ll consider donating items such as furniture, clothing, books, or household goods to organizations in your neighborhood. TaskRabbits can help organize, pack, and deliver all your donations. They can even go grocery shopping and deliver items to your local food bank. With …

San Francisco Painted Ladies

Only in San Francisco: Best Tasks By the Bay

Whether you’re a devout local or an enthusiastic visitor, try these uniquely San Francisco Tasks on for size: 1. Nab a Tartine Bakery morning bun without waiting in line. 2. Find a treasure at the Alemany Flea Market and get help hauling it back to your place. 3. Have a genuine Mission burrito from El Farolito, Taqueria Cancún, Papalote, or La Taqueria delivered to anywhere in the city. [pullshow] 4. Taste the famous tea leaf salad from Burma Superstar without trekking to the Outer Richmond. 5. Get your pooch an escort to Dolores Park, Golden Gate Park, or Buena Vista Park. 6. Score tickets for the Curran, Orpheum, Golden Gate, or American Conservatory Theatre the minute the box office opens. 7. Have a TaskRabbit hold your place in line at AT&T Park for the Giants bobblehead du jour. 8. TaskRabbits can bring provisions as you stake your claim in front of your favorite stage at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival in Golden Gate Park. 9. Commission a personal tour guide to explore the gorgeous wine …

Send a Secret Santa San Francisco

Send a Santa Anywhere in San Francisco

Wouldn’t it be great if you could send Santa anywhere in San Francisco? Wouldn’t it be even better if he delivered your favorite Trader Joe’s treats to your favorite people? For one day only, we’re making it happen. BEFORE NOON TODAY ONLY: Use Deliver Now to send a Secret Santa from Trader Joe’s to anywhere in San Francisco for only $5. Here’s how it works: 1. Choose a lucky loved one to receive your Secret Santa gift, then decide which awesome Trader Joe’s treat you’d like to send them. 2. Post a Deliver Now Task with the details (be sure to include your loved one’s name and phone number along with the delivery address) between 10-noon for only $5. 3. A TaskRabbit (wearing a Santa hat, naturally) will decorate the gift with a bow and deliver it to your loved one by 5pm with a card that says, “Happy Holidays from Your Secret Santa.” Ready to send Santa somewhere? Fire up your TaskRabbit app or head to the Deliver Now page.

Holiday Shopping Time

Announcing Our Cyber Monday Winners

We’re very excited to announce the winners of our Cyber Monday contest. We challenged TaskPosters and businesses to give themselves the gift of extra time by posting a Task on one of the busiest shopping days of the year. Hundreds of people took us up on the challenge and found some spare hours amidst the chaos of holiday spending. Congratulations to TaskPoster Abigail S. and TaskRabbit for Business customer The Gorman Group!

Life Edited Feastly TaskRabbit

Life Edited and Feastly Throw a Dinner Party (With a Little Help From TaskRabbit)

What happens when three collaborative platforms join forces in one 420-square-foot Manhattan apartment? That’s exactly what Life Edited, Feastly, and TaskRabbit wanted to find out. Last month, Life Edited opened up its beautiful (and super efficient) new SoHo working and living venue to a Feastly chef hosting 12 Feasters, and a TaskRabbit helped out with dishes and cleanup. If you are interested in attending a dinner, please signup at Feastly. Check out the apartment here: The seasonal menu consisted of homemade pickled Chinese squash and seaweed crackers, kabocha Japanese soy and sake-braised squash, butternut squash and pear latkes served with sautéed greens, and pumpkin whoopie pies with cream filling for dessert. Guests represented the full spectrum of New York’s creative side: developers and designers, architects and entrepreneurs. The group began the night as strangers, but in this incredibly designed and intimate setting, they said goodnight as if they were long-time friends. Guest blogger Noah Karesh is the co-founder of Feastly. Follow him on Twitter @eatfeastly.

Black Friday Small Business Saturday Cyber Monday Help

Task of the Week: Save Me From Shopping

The day after Thanksgiving brings with it a pretty big seasonal shift. The omnipresent scent of pumpkin lattes magically morphs into the aroma of peppermint mochas, the autumnal color palettes lining store shelves change to golds and greens and reds, and every brick-and-mortar and online store fills to the brim with bustling hoards of shoppers and deep, deep discounts. Wouldn’t it be nice to cash in on Black Friday deals without having to brave the masses of holiday shoppers? TaskRabbits can help you conquer the year’s busiest shopping day — and every other part of the holiday shopping season. Here’s how to get started this weekend: Black Friday No need to camp out, a TaskRabbit can hold your place in line at the busiest stores this year. Small Business Saturday A TaskRabbit can help you support businesses in your community by handling your local shopping or delivering food from your favorite neighborhood restaurant. Cyber Monday TaskRabbits can handle researching the best online deals for everything on your shopping list.  

Free TaskRabbit When You Vote

Ready to hit the polls? #HopToVote

  UPDATE: Hey, folks! Our Election Day promotion has been updated — you no longer need to Tweet us a pic to get credit! In honor of Election Day, we’re giving all TaskPosters who post a Task TODAY $15 in Task Credit. Just use the promo code AMERICA when posting the Task. After what seems like years (and years and years) of following this campaign, it’s finally time to hop to your local polling place and vote for the candidates, propositions, and measures you believe in. You already know voting is awesome, but did you know it’s magical? Casting your vote in this election* can earn you $15 in TaskRabbit credit. That’s fifteen bucks you can use to make extra time appear out of thin air. Magic! Hire a TaskRabbit to deliver champagne to your victory party (or to whip up your favorite comfort food if things go the other way). Or simply use your credit for anything else on your To-Do list. Tweet us a photo of your “I Voted” sticker (or a picture …

American Red Cross Hurricane Sandy Help

Your Company’s Recovery Command Center

Know a company that needs some help? Please let them know we’re here for them.  We’ve been working with members of the New York TaskRabbit for Business community throughout the past week to aid their recovery plans, and we can’t help but say: we’re in awe. According to the Small Business Administration, more than 40% of businesses don’t reopen after a disaster, but we’re seeing signs that point to something very different. We’re seeing small business owners begin to take those first big steps toward drying off, cleaning up, and moving forward. And we’re committed to helping our current and future business customers in New York in every way we can. Here are examples of some of the most needed Sandy-related Tasks for business: Staffing Whether you need temporary substitutes from employees or a few additional hands, TaskRabbits can help. Insurance Details TaskRabbits can help out with any documentation and photographs your insurance company requires. Clean-up While it’s important to go through city services for dangerous types of cleanup, TaskRabbits can help with just about …

American Red Cross Hurricane Sandy Help

We’re Humbled by the New York Tasking Community

Like many of you, the folks here at TaskRabbit HQ have been paying careful attention to Sandy’s impact on the New York region. Our community continues to send in the kinds of stories that demonstrate just how powerful the bonds between neighbors can be. This morning, Leah received an email from a new TaskPoster with an incredible story to tell: “I was worried about my friend Emily*, an 83-year old stranded in a 12th floor apartment without elevator, food, water, power, or phone. I called two of her friends who are all, sorry to say, useless. Then someone clued me in to, I registered, and within minutes I had a response from someone who was willing to visit Emily’s building, assess the situation, and bring her what she needs. “The kicker is that this TaskRabbit did not want to be paid. Why not? She lives on the 12th floor of her building, is in a motorized wheelchair herself (of course she’s also stranded without power). Her husband is ventilator-dependent and getting recharged by friends …

Help with Halloween

Task of the Week: Help Hand Out Halloween Candy

Halloween isn’t exactly a stay-at-home holiday. There are costume parties to attend, kids to take trick-or-treating, and not nearly enough time to worry about how the kids in your neighborhood will feel about a closed and candy-less door. Toilet paper, eggs, smashed pumpkins — it’s tough out there for a house not doling out the sugary goods. So what do you do if you can’t make it to the candy bowl on Halloween? Take a cue from TaskPoster Charles L. and hire a TaskRabbit to pass out your snacks. While Charles takes his kids trick-or-treating, TaskRabbit Dana M. will be handling the candy duties at his house. Now that’s thinking ahead. TaskRabbits can also decorate your house, pick up your candy, and clean up after you Halloween party. All you have to do is go have fun.