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Catching Up With Conscious Box

Conscious Box

A Conscious Box, packed by TaskRabbits.

We love hearing about how TaskRabbits help our business customers build incredible companies. This week we checked in with Jesse Richardson of Conscious Box to talk about their mission and how TaskRabbits are helping them realize it. Conscious Box hires TaskRabbits to assemble eco-friendly subscription boxes full of products that make the world a better place. Here’s what Jesse had to say.

Could you tell us a little about Conscious Box?
“Conscious Box is rooted in encouraging more conscious consumption. We knew firsthand that natural product companies benefited from sampling and a physical introduction of products, and we wanted to create a more seamless, curated approach for consumers. Conscious Box allows us to bring the best companies to thousands of doorsteps, every month!”

What barriers exist to people interested in more sustainable consumption?
“They vary person to person, but we’ve found the big two are accessibility and culture. For accessibility, most people find the natural product realm daunting —there are so many options, all sporting similar labels and certifications. This makes sorting difficult and, in effect, true understanding, hard to grasp. It also doesn’t help if you don’t have a specialty store nearby.

“For culture, many people are still confused about what sustainable consumption really means and how to achieve it. Some are even afraid that it takes too much work. These are our ‘transitioning’ subscribers — and they’re the ones who benefit the most from the service. Conscious Box includes useful content, ideas, and instructions for dipping into the more sustainable life.”

How do TaskRabbits help you achieve your mission?
“TaskRabbits enable us to bring a new type of sustainability to our operation. Rather than have a regular staff day-in-day-out, we are able to hire TaskRabbits just when we need them most (packing time). This helps our cash flow, minimizes total monthly staffing responsibility, and (perhaps most importantly) enables us to work with people in-between jobs or who are in need of extra income. To us, this represents an investment in our community’s social capital. Sure, we need to go over packing technique with new TaskRabbits, but it feels good to us knowing that we are providing work where it’s needed most.”

What would your business be like without TaskRabbit?
“Well, without TaskRabbit, us founders would have a lot more packing to do! We’d have to start a dedicated hiring process for permanent staff, which would take away time from our business-building work. Plus, we’d miss the conversations and questions that arise when bringing a new TaskRabbit on board. It certainly wouldn’t be as much fun!”

What kinds of products come in a Conscious Box?
“Everything conscious. We focus on introducing subscribers to the better alternatives than what’s likely stocked at the local grocery store. Snacks, home and garden needs, supplements, soaps, arts and crafts — anything!

Hiring TaskRabbits is a great way to support the collaborative consumption movement, in what other ways does your company walk the walk of social responsibility?
“We do a lot to give back. Our boxes (and all our paper products) are recycled, use vegetable-based inks, and are made in a wind-powered facility. We have an aggressive recycling (and upcycling) effort each month, where we personally deliver hundreds of pounds of cardboard to recycling facilities and encourage our subscribers to use their boxes in creative way. To top it off, we are active members of 1% for the Planet. Of course, there is also the fact that we only work with the most ethical, sustainable businesses. To support them, we organize a strong grassroots media effort each month, getting word out about our growing community. We’re set on changing the way we all consume.”

Want to learn more about Conscious Box? Try one of the multiple eco-friendly subscription plans.