Canine Companions Visit TaskRabbit HQ

August 22, 2012

Today was an exciting day at TaskRabbit HQ. A really, really exciting day. Like the kind of day that involves puppies invading the office. Okay, so maybe that’s most days around here, but today our friends at Canine Companions for Independence stopped by for a little demo. Canine Companions is an incredible organization that trains exceptional dogs to become service animals for exceptional people. Today, we met Stanford, Wayne, and Rusty — three hardworking pups that left quite an impression.

From wounded veterans to the hearing-impaired, these remarkable animals help impact the lives of their companions in immeasurable ways. In the future, we’re committed to helping out Canine Companions whenever we can. Want to help out yourself? Make a donation here. Funds go to raising puppies, doggie wellness, and training programs.