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CameraLends Knows How to Outsource Tasks in a Flash


TaskRabbit superuser Adam Derewecki knows a thing or two about the sharing economy. He built his business on the idea that every photographer (whether they’re a professional or a hobbyist) should have access to the equipment they need to get the job done. He built CameraLends, a peer-to-peer camera sharing marketplace, as an alternative to purchasing expensive camera equipment. Adam relies on TaskRabbits to help with everything from promoting his business to pranking his coworkers. He took a few minutes to tell us about CameraLends and his love of all things TaskRabbit:

What’s the mission of CameraLends?
“CameraLends is a marketplace where photographers can post their gear for others to rent out locally, and where renters have access to a wide range of high-end and specialized camera equipment. You can think of us like a tool lending library, except the inventory is distributed among people in your neighborhood.”

What made you decide to use TaskRabbit?
“I’ve been in love with the service since I first heard about it. I can ask the Internet to do things for money? Yes, please. I’ve used TaskRabbit for everything from deliveries to office pranks. In the past, I’ve used ‘outsourced personal assistant’ services, and TaskRabbit has consistently been higher quality work.”

How do TaskRabbits help out your team?
“I’ve used TaskRabbits for a variety of help, some virtual and some local. Early on, I posted tasks for: having a flyer designed, researching local photography communities to reach out to, and researching local art school lending resources. More recently, I paid a TaskRabbit to hang up 33 flyers in local coffee and camera shops. I have a current task where I’ve asked my TaskRabbit to compile a comprehensive spreadsheet of Nikon and Canon equipment, so that I can use that data to build a better tool for lenders to post gear.”

CameraLends FlyersCould you tell us about your favorite Task experience(s)?
“When I had my TaskRabbit post flyers, I asked him to take a picture to verify of each posting. Cycling through each picture in rapid succession was a very cool experience — the same flyer amongst many varieties of flyers in different settings. Cool enough to upload the pictures to a public Flickr set. A final surprise was Flickr’s map mode, which put all 33 geotagged photos on a map of the Mission — so I know exactly where each flyer went and can easily instruct future TaskRabbits where not to post.”

In addition to supporting TaskRabbit, a leader in the collaborative economy, what other ways does your company walk the walk of social responsibility?
“CameraLends is part of the ‘shareconomy,’ similar to Airbnb, GetAround, and many other services where people can post their under-utilized items in a lending marketplace and earn some money back. Photography is a natural progression for peer-to-peer marketplaces because of high value, highly specialized equipment. When you’re taking photographs diving, you need your underwater housing. The rest of the year, that pricey accessory gathers dust. Situations like that are perfect for collaborative consumption: lenders can recoup some of their sunk cost, and the renting community is provided with more access to high-end photography equipment. It’s also easier on the environment to pick up a lens or body in your neighborhood rather than ship it from across the country.”