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Brides to Be – Let RunMyErrand help you plan!

As a recent bride myself (144 days in office and the popularity polls are holding steady) I only just caught up on my sleep and unwound from the fury of wedding planning. I did it all by myself and was super proud of having done so. But behind every frazzled bride is a team of BFFs, bridesmaids, parents and bloggers to help her along the way. No bride is an island!

RunMyErrand.com is very proud to announce that we will be offering Bridal Planning assistance to area brides! Whether you are a DIY bride who doesn’t shy away from a glue gun, or a busy bee bride who doesn’t have enough time in her day to troll the wedding websites and retailers, we can help you.

From picking up BM dresses at Priscilla of Boston to compiling planning timelines to just offering ideas and support, RunMyErrand has a team of bridal planning specialists and errand Runners available at all hours. No need to hire a bridal planner (save that thousand bucks and put it toward the honeymoon!) when you’ve got RunMyErrand here to help.

You can pick and choose which planning tasks you need help with along the way without any commitment- or – You can choose from a package of 10 services that we will be compiling (like today, that’s on my to-do list) for a flat fee.

No car? Hire a Runner to take car of those wedding errands that you can’t do on foot.

No time? Hire a Runner to help you prioritize and work through the mountain of details.

Small budget? No worries. Most wedding errands cost $10-$15 (and you get your first errand free, up to $15.)

Bridal Planning packages should not cost you an arm and a leg. We can make great vendor recommendations and get you well on your way to having the most perfect wedding day ever. Take it from me. I’m a wedding planner myself, and I, along with the other planner Runners, are at the helm of this crazy bridal planning ship ready to help!