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“Are you a human?” – And Other Adventures in Customer Service

Your friendly Customer Service Rep

Your friendly Customer Service Rep

The most common question I get on the receiving end of our Snapabug live chat line is “Are you a human?”

The temptation to reply “Does. Not. Compute. Beep bop boop…” is overwhelming.

More often my reply is simply “Yes, very much so.” What I’m getting at here is that yes, there is a live chat person on the other end of our live chat, otherwise we would have named it “Robot Chat,” or on days when Kobe is in charge, “Live Puppy Chat – Nom Nom Nom.”

You may have seen our AWESOME deal on BuyWithMe.com this week (it will be available for purchase until 5/5) for $15 for $35 worth of tasks from TaskRabbit.com. More specifically, this is $15 for $35 worth of free time added to your day, which seems like a great deal to me.

Feel free to buy up as much of this EXTRA FREE TIME as you can. You can use this coupon to hire a TaskRabbit Runner for anything, from grocery shopping to cooking you dinner to building your Ikea furniture so that you don’t have to build it and then yell at the kids when they start repeating all those expletives.

If you have any questions about your BuyWithMe coupons, you know where to find me. Beep Bop Boop…

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Also, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our Golden Boy Man Superstar Programmer, Brian Leonard! We celebrated in true programmer style. Woot!

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