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Big City, Tiny Task: Building an NYC Tiny House in 72 Hours

Here at TaskRabbit, we’re revolutionizing everyday work by finding new ways to tackle it together. We can all accomplish more as a team, and we’re on a mission to prove it. We believe that big changes can start with #ATinyTask. Follow along as we challenge a group of 10 Taskers to build a fully-outfitted, livable Tiny House in the middle of Manhattan in just 72 hours – all for a good cause.

Why Build Tiny?

This Tiny House serves a greater purpose — a symbol for community and rethinking how people live; empowering communities to work together to tackle complex challenges. Our Tiny House is up for auction at atinytask.com, where 100% of the proceeds will go to Community Solutions, a national nonprofit helping communities take on complex social challenges through collaboration and creative problem solving. We share Community Solutions’ belief that difficult, nuanced problems can be solved by helping people learn to work together in new and creative ways. Our team is thrilled to support their work to help communities become better, more adaptive problem solvers, tackling issues like homelessness, unemployment and health inequity head on to create substantive change. This Tiny House is a small symbol of the change that’s possible when people have the right tools and opportunities to work together.

The future of work is changing. We have an economic responsibility to create a place that can stand for livable wages and create a social safety net. We invented this economy to empower a community of workers who wanted or needed additional sources of income and that’s a responsibility we take seriously. We’re working with Community Solutions because of a shared vision for communities and individuals to be able to leverage existing resources and strengthen themselves and those around them. Our incredibly talented Taskers, who come from different walks of life with varied skills and talents, are adopting their best problem solving tools to work towards a common goal — in this case, tasking a fully-functional Tiny House in record time. This week, we’ll be sharing their stories and sharing the journey as we descend upon the Big Apple.

Follow us as we build and bid to win our tiny house! And if you’re in New York, be sure to stop by our build site in Chelsea — you’ll get the chance to see our Taskers in action and tackle our photo challenge, where you’ll have the chance to win a special $1000 gift card package from Target, Home Depot & TaskRabbit.

Chelsea Triangle // NYC. 5/16-5/19. Come say hi!


And remember – given the right tools and the right opportunities, no task is ever too big (or too small).


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