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A TaskRabbit Engineer Does Laundry Day: TaskRabbit vs. DIY vs. Wash & Fold

TaskRabbit Product Manager Will T. discovers the secret of laundry day.

Every two weeks for the last year and a half, I’ve hired my favorite TaskRabbit to pick up two loads of laundry from my house, wash, dry, and fold them at her place, then return them to mine. It cost $25 per Task, and I never had to think about laundry.  It was awesome. Regina A. would even remind me when laundry day was coming so I’d never run out of clothes.

Recently, Regina decided to take a short break from Tasking to focus on her new day job with the Oakland A’s. I knew I’d be able to find another amazing TaskRabbit, but was curious about how other methods of laundry would fit into my life. I decided to conduct some tests. Since I don’t have a machine in the old San Francisco Victorian I live in, I headed to my sister’s place. The laundering part went smoothly, but it took forever. I felt tethered to her place for several hours waiting for everything to finish; really annoying.

During the next laundry cycle, I thought I’d try a wash & fold service closer to my home. At 99 cents per pound, it ended up costing me $23, cheaper than Regina. The problem? I had to load the laundry into the car, drive six blocks, feed the meter, and run in — twice.  The whole process took several days, and it was really frustrating.

I was ready to post a Task.

I decided to post a Recurring Task, hoping to find a new Regina. I also knew that Recurring Tasks made it really easy to switch TaskRabbits in the future (just a button click) if I wanted. In my Task description, I specified that I’d like the TaskRabbit to have their own machine and supplies so I wouldn’t have to deal with reimbursements. (Note to TaskRabbits out there: it’s perfectly fine to include all these costs in your bid if you prefer to use a laundromat.)

Almost immediately after posting my Task I had two bids. One TaskRabbit said he had new machines and used eco-friendly detergent. Sweet! And at $31, totally worth the $8 difference to not have to haul my stuff around in a car twice. My little laundry experiment made me realize that, for me, outsourcing this Task is about the freedom. If I had machines in my own house, I would still hire a TaskRabbit to help me out with laundry. — Will Tungpagasit


  1. Marjorie says

    Laundry is such a headache. I once had a job that kept me so busy I had to buy new cloths on the way home from work because I didn’t have time to clean mine! I wish I had TaskRabbit then!

    Great experiment Will.

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