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A “Hopped Up” Tale: Adventures of a Task Rabbit


Meet Ashley H, a Level 11 Runner for TaskRabbit in San Francisco.  While not running Tasks, Ashley is a freelance journalist, contributing to the Bold Italic, and a professor at Stanford (impressive!).

She chronicles her experience as a Task Rabbit in an article entitled “Hopped Up”. In this post, Ashley details all the amazing stuff you can do as a TaskRabbit Runner – super fun things like “help me shoot a commercial” and “write a creative thank-you note to my parents for everything.” Ashley has certainly managed to get herself into some exciting things; she’s been a “paper flower fluffer,” a “stoplight delivery gal,” and a “psychology paper editor.” (Score for that Sender! It’s not everyday that a writing coach for Stanford’s Graduate School of Business reviews your paper!)

Awesome stuff, Ashley! We’re glad your experience as a Task Rabbit has allowed you to dabble in a few different things and given you an opportunity to help your neighbors and local small business owners. It’s great to have you as part of the community!

“Hopped Up” – the Bold Italic