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  • Amanda N.
    Level 22 TaskRabbit

    Amanda N.

    hello! i'm a freelance graphic artist and generally love to help people out and fortunately my schedule is open and flexible!

    Top Task Types: Graphic Design, Delivery, Usability Testing, Research, and Shopping

  • Allura S.
    Level 22 TaskRabbit

    Allura S.

    I'm a young Mom of two and like to save money just as much as the next guy. However, did you know that with a grocery membership you can save on a gym membership, which can in turn… more

    Top Task Types: Research, Usability Testing, Computer Help, Marketing, and Graphic Design

  • Emily O.
    Level 21 TaskRabbit

    Emily O.

    I'm an Austinite + UT Advertising student with a passion for meeting new people. I love good food (La Condesa anyone?), dancing, and cat-snuggling. My prouder moments in life… more

    Top Task Types: Shopping, Delivery, House Chores, Restaurant Delivery, and Event Help

  • Ethan M.
    Level 21 TaskRabbit

    Ethan M.

    I'm a native of the Austin area, and my career has led to experience in many areas - I've become a jack of all trades, so to speak. I'm also a student, studying… more

    Top Task Types: Handyman, House Cleaning, Yard Work, IKEA Assembly, and Assembly & Repair

  • Steven S.
    Level 20 TaskRabbit

    Steven S.

    Hey there! I love helping with Data Entry, Graphic Design, Research, and all sorts of other nerdy things! I'm easy to work with and have chutzpah up the ying-yang! If you wanna get shit done, let's talk. :D

    Top Task Types: House Cleaning, Assembly & Repair, IKEA Assembly, Moving & Packing, and Research

  • David H.
    Level 20 TaskRabbit

    David H.

    I have over 30 years experience in the high tech industry in Austin, so I am comfortable with PCs, home entertainment equipment and just about anything electrical or electronic. My… more

    Top Task Types: Yard Work, Moving & Packing, Event Help, House Chores, and Assembly & Repair

  • Gloria S.
    Level 18 TaskRabbit

    Gloria S.

    Hello! Thank you for visiting my profile page! How can I help you? If you have a list of things to do I am all about getting things done in an efficient, accurate and professional… more

    Top Task Types: House Cleaning, Delivery, Shopping, Research, and Moving & Packing

  • Lindsey R.
    Level 17 TaskRabbit

    Lindsey R.

    Top Task Types: Event Help, Grocery Delivery, Usability Testing, Delivery, and House Chores

  • Jaime F.
    Level 16 TaskRabbit

    Jaime F.

    Hello, If this is the first task you are posting, please use code PAL152647 for a $10 off. My LinkedIn profile provides more detail about my past experience and accomplishments. … more

    Top Task Types: House Chores, Marketing, Usability Testing, Delivery, and Restaurant Delivery

  • Barbara J.
    Level 16 TaskRabbit

    Barbara J.

    Hi, I'm a transplant from the Midwest and would love to help you out. Event help, shopping and cooking/baking are a good fit, but I'm game for most anything. I'm very fond of and live in downtown Austin.

    Top Task Types: Event Help, Research, Transport, Delivery, and Restaurant Delivery