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  • Gloria S.
    Level 18 TaskRabbit

    Gloria S.

    Hello! Thank you for visiting my profile page! How can I help you? If you have a list of things to do I am all about getting things done in an efficient, accurate and professional… more

    Top Task Types: House Cleaning, Delivery, Shopping, Research, and Moving & Packing

  • Aaron H.
    Level 17 TaskRabbit

    Aaron H.

    I've worked all sorts of jobs from construction to tech support. I am a A+ certified PC tech, I can do many basic auto repairs, lawn work, moving, assembling, or many other… more

    Top Task Types: Moving & Packing, Delivery, Marketing, Yard Work, and Event Help

  • Lindsey R.
    Level 17 TaskRabbit

    Lindsey R.

    Top Task Types: Event Help, Grocery Delivery, Usability Testing, Delivery, and House Chores

  • Chad R.
    Level 16 TaskRabbit

    Chad R.

    I was born and raised in Austin, TX and don't see myself moving elsewhere. I have a full size pickup truck, so I'm able to pick things up, haul them around as well as do… more

    Top Task Types: Delivery, Moving & Packing, Yard Work, Junk Removal, and Computer Help

  • Jaime F.
    Level 16 TaskRabbit

    Jaime F.

    Hello, If this is the first task you are posting, please use code PAL152647 for a $10 off. My LinkedIn profile provides more detail about my past experience and accomplishments. … more

    Top Task Types: House Chores, Marketing, Usability Testing, Delivery, and Restaurant Delivery

  • Vincent M.
    Level 16 TaskRabbit

    Vincent M.

    Top Task Types: Delivery, Moving & Packing, House Cleaning, Event Help, and Administrative

  • Barbara J.
    Level 16 TaskRabbit

    Barbara J.

    Hi, I'm a transplant from the Midwest and would love to help you out. Event help, shopping and cooking/baking are a good fit, but I'm game for most anything. I'm very fond of and live in downtown Austin.

    Top Task Types: Event Help, Research, Transport, Delivery, and Restaurant Delivery

  • Jeremy D.
    Level 15 TaskRabbit

    Jeremy D.

    Member of The TaskRabbit Elite - February 2014. I'm constantly on the fly around Austin, and started taskrabbit as a way to pay a few bills with some of my spare time. I… more

    Top Task Types: Delivery, House Cleaning, Usability Testing, Handyman, and Yard Work

  • Adam F.
    Level 15 TaskRabbit

    Adam F.

    Hello All! After a few tries, I finally made it to Austin for graduate studies and am super happy about the opportunity to be here. Having started my task rabbit work in New York, I… more

    Top Task Types: Delivery, House Cleaning, Donation Pickup, Moving & Packing, and House Chores

  • Jody W.
    Level 15 TaskRabbit

    Jody W.

    Running errands is what I do !! Having lived in Austin since the 70's I am extremely familiar with the Austin and metro area. After graduating from the University of Texas I… more

    Top Task Types: Shopping, Delivery, Administrative, Event Help, and Transport